Irresistible Innovation!!

After catching sight of my lovely cousin; Catherine and hubby Jonathan in the bar last night it wasn’t to be an early night, with incredible stories of miracles and encouragements it was a time to be inspired about our mighty, awesome, powerful God and the people He has invested in:-) Always good to catchup and share with such special friends. This morning we met with our lovely action team back at the venue at 8.30 to prepare for a long day together. We would have the young people from 10-4 today. Lunch would be brought to us but there would be no break from the young people all day. So we had an action-packed day all planned and prepared for them and it looked like with everything on the programme we may actually run out of time, but we would see.

With worship and teaching in the first session everyone was involved with discussing and focussing on value, what gives us value, how do we know we are valued. With various activities around this theme, one that seemed to hit home in a new way was as we looked at 3 different paintings, asking the different groups to guess their worth and consider which was the most valuable. The majority of the groups had something to say about each painting and the general consensus of opinion was that the most valuable one must be the one that was simple, abstract and ‘slightly weird’ because apparently that’s what people pay for these days! All but 6 voted for this one picture with these last few divided evenly between and odd looking boy smoking a pipe and a couple of ponies in a field. As the value was uncovered we realised that the one most people voted for was actually only worth £440 with the ponies over £2,000 and the boy at an incredible £70 million!!!

As we discovered more about each picture it wasn’t until the final information was revealed that we began to understand why this final painting had generated the highest price. This painting by Picasso generated such a high price because it was his creation! He was pleased to put his signature to this picture, he deemed it worthy of his name, he was willing to be identified with his masterpiece! He put his mark on it, the makers mark. What an amazing comparison, in the bible we discover that as His creation God put His mark on us;  

Ephesians 2:10 says; For we are God’s masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.

In Genesis 1 we discover that…God created human beings in his own image. In the image of God he created them male and female he created them.

He put his mark on us! He identified with us, we are designed in the image of our creator! Our value comes from the Creator Himself, that He would identify Himself with us, put His mark on us, eventually become one of us! What an awesome God:-) And so we come to worship Him in awe and wonder recognising that He loves and values us above all creation!!

Our second session of the day allowed for the Innovation young people and children to speak into the future of the Baptist Church as we looked more at their Identity as a group, or even as an integral part of the church. We were keen for those that influence the direction of Baptist future to hear what the youngsters feel about their church and how they fit in. So along with Arise Ministries (the Children’s ministry at Viz-A-Viz) who are running the children’s programme here at BA, speaking into video, they answered various questions about how they feel about church, what they enjoy, don’t enjoy, whether they would invite people in, what they struggle with. The video was taken, edited, and played to the adults as they deliberated over decisions about the direction of the Baptist Church. The youngsters seemed to really enjoy this opportunity and all wanted to take part! We pray that their comments help, bringing revelation and vision to the debates that will no doubt, ensue. So what a great beginning to the weekend…TBCtd

One thought on “Irresistible Innovation!!

  1. Loved the video and children’s feedback; great work, team, and hugely valued! The trick, as in so much of our church life, is how making children feel part of everything we do, and doing everything we can WITH them. God bless y’all!

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